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Where Does The Easter Bunny Live?

When it comes to our favorite holiday icons, nothing comes quite close to the cute and adorable Easter Bunny. Although people have guessed as to where the Easter Bunny starts its journey from, no one’s been able to pin down an exact place. We all know that Santa resides in the North Pole, why don’t we know where our fluffy friend lives?

Luckily, some people have been making pretty plausible theories as to where the Easter Bunny might be living and where they keep their stash of chocolate eggs. We’ll be going through some of them right here in this article!

A Burrow that hasn’t been found yet

One of the most well-known theories as to where the Easter Bunny lives involves Easter Island. This is an island discovered way back in 1722 during Easter Sunday, hence the name. With such a direct connection with the holiday, it’s one of the strongest guesses as to the origins of its mascot. It’d make sense too as the far-off island could give our hopping holiday icon some privacy for when easter is over.

However, there are some stories out there already that describe a bunny that brings eggs to children similar to what the Easter Bunny does. What’s interesting about these is that these stories date way back before the discovery of Easter Island! These stories were brought to the US during the 1700s when they migrated there. Maybe that’s why the Easter Bunny became so popular with us all.

There are several places too that might be the spot where the Easter Bunny stashes its eggs that you may have never heard of before. Egg Harbor in Wisconsin comes to mind, especially with their name being a perfect choice for an Easter Bunny hideout. Wherever the Bunny really originates from, we feel the Easter Spirit fill the air whenever we think about it.

Ever want to track the Easter Bunny?

We’re not joking when we say that there’s a site where you can track where the Easter Bunny goes and where they’re going towards next. On the Track Easter Bunny website, you’ll be able to check the Easter Bunny’s destination as they hop from Easter Island and all the way around the world every hour. It also shows other stats such as the deliveries made and even the speed they’re traveling at. There’s even a carrot’s eaten counter which makes sense since they’re traveling for so long.

There are other sites and apps out there that do their best to spread the Easter spirit alongside the bunny tracker. Some show how many days are left before easter, others let you take a photo with the Easter Bunny through your phone. With so many ways to celebrate this day, kids won’t be running out of things to do anytime soon.

Of course, we parents know that these things aren’t real. However, we can keep the magic alive for our kids by interacting with them during this day. Your child will definitely appreciate every magical easter they get to experience with you. Share the love and join in on this festive holiday!